Cell biology

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Jean-René Huynh

Understanding how germ cells develop is not only of paramount medical interest for reproductive medicine, but is also crucial to comprehend how animal shapes and forms evolve through generations. Jean-René Huynh and his team are focusing on how the genetic information (through meiosis) and epigenetic information (through small RNAs)...

bettencourt dias
Monica Bettencourt-Dias

Mónica Bettencourt-Dias studies crucial structures in our cells, centrioles and cilia. She is investigating their biogenesis, evolution and misregulation using a variety of approaches, model organisms and patient samples....

Sandrine Etienne-Manneville

Sandrine Etienne-Manneville focuses her research on cell migration and cell polarity. Cellular migration plays a key role in both developing organisms and adults ones, where it is involved in the immune response, scar tissue formation, or the dissemination of tumor cells. Cell polarity is fundamental for migration both for its...

Philippe Pierre

In the blood, mucous membranes and lymphoid organs, dendritic cells provide a dual role as sentinels, but also as conductors of the immune orchestra. In the sequence of events that they are part of, the team of Philippe Pierre is particularly interested in the key stage of maturation of dendritic...

Bernardo Reina San Martin

Bernardo Reina San Martin is interested in the molecular mechanisms driving the diversification of the repertoire of B-cells, the cells of our immune system producing antibodies. He specifically investigates somatic hypermutation (SHM) and class switch recombination (CSR), two processes involved in the immune response to generate an antibody mediated answer,...

Patrick Mehlen

In adults, cell renewal is precisely controlled, notably by a mechanism involving Dependence Receptors in the control of cell death. In certain cancers, cells escape this process, which gives them a supplementary selective advantage to uncontrollably multiply and form tumors. Patrick Mehlen deciphers those mechanisms to offer novel ways to...

Thomas Lecuit

Thomas Lecuit and his team study how epithelial tissues maintain a robust organization and extensively remodel as they grow and change their shape during development....

Patrick Delmas

Patrick Delmas is interested in sensory neurons that translate thermal, chemical, and mechanical stimuli. His goal is to understand the molecular basis of somatosensation - the process whereby we experience touch and pain - with an emphasis on identifying molecules that regulate electrogenesis of sensory neurons and detect environmental stimuli....

Alain Chédotal

Alain Chédotal is interested in deciphering how one hand migrating neurons and on the other hand neuron extensions to establish connections between one another (axons) are guided in the developing brain. He is also working with his team on new technologies allowing the visualization of developing neurons. Their research should...

Yohanns Bellaïche

Yohanns Bellaïche aims at understanding how cell fate diversity is generated during development and how organs acquire their shape. Using the Drosophila fruit fly model, his interdisciplinary group develops and uses complementary approaches including multi-scale confocal microscopy, physical measurements and opto-genetics to probe both the physical and genetics regulations that...