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Gros Jerome
Jérôme Gros

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Christian Braendle
Christian Braendle

Christian Braendle is interested in understanding how environmental variation and genotype-environment interactions contribute to phenotypic variation. He is using the C. elegans model as well as closely related species to study how environmental variation modulates developmental processes and their phenotypic outcomes, including fitness consequences. ...

Evi Soutoglou

Evi Soutoglou is interested in the most deleterious DNA breaks amongst the thousands of lesions our that DNA suffers in each of our cells every day : the Double Strand Breaks (DSB). Her goal is to investigate the dynamics of DSBs in relation to the surrounding chromatin structure and nuclear...

Benjamin Prud'homme
Benjamin Prud’homme

Animal’s morphological and behavioral traits are specified by genes during embryological development. Those traits change through species evolution via genetic modifications which are affecting developmental processes. Benjamin Prud’homme’s aim is to identify those genetic changes and to understand how they translate into morphological of behavioral modifications....

bettencourt dias
Monica Bettencourt-Dias

Mónica Bettencourt-Dias studies crucial structures in our cells, centrioles and cilia. She is investigating their biogenesis, evolution and misregulation using a variety of approaches, model organisms and patient samples....

Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan Rodriguez is exploring the neuronal circuits which are controlling innate behaviors in mammals....