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Allison Bardin

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Christian Braendle
Christian Braendle

Christian Braendle is interested in understanding how environmental variation and genotype-environment interactions contribute to phenotypic variation. He is using the C. elegans model as well as closely related species to study how environmental variation modulates developmental processes and their phenotypic outcomes, including fitness consequences. ...

Manolis Papamichos-Chronakis

The overall objective of Manolis Papamichos-Chronakis group is to decipher the interplay between the multiple machineries that keep our genome intact and the chromatin structure of DNA. Using a combination of genetics, cell imaging and high-throughput technologies in budding yeast and human cells they are exploring the role of chromatin...

Laurent Journot

We each have two versions or alleles of each gene, one from our father, one from our mother. Parental genomic imprinting is an epigenetic mechanism that restrains the expression of an allele depending on its origin, paternal or maternal. 

The alteration of this process at defined loci results in different...

Benjamin Prud'homme
Benjamin Prud’homme

Animal’s morphological and behavioral traits are specified by genes during embryological development. Those traits change through species evolution via genetic modifications which are affecting developmental processes. Benjamin Prud’homme’s aim is to identify those genetic changes and to understand how they translate into morphological of behavioral modifications....

Edith Heard

X-inactivation is a process by which one of the two X chromosomes is transcriptionally silenced during early development in female mammals. It allows for dosage compensation between XX females and XY males. Edith Heard is studying this paradigm for developmental epigenetics to gain insights into the fundamental mechanisms that underlie...

Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan Rodriguez is exploring the neuronal circuits which are controlling innate behaviors in mammals....

François Leulier

François Leulier's research goals are twofold : first, he aims at deciphering the molecular dialogue governing the mutualistic interaction between intestinal bacteria and their host, especially in the context of juvenile growth, and second, he aims at translating this knowledge to mammalian models in order to consider applied solution to...

Thomas Lecuit

Thomas Lecuit and his team study how epithelial tissues maintain a robust organization and extensively remodel as they grow and change their shape during development....

Raphaël Mercier

Raphael Mercier aims at understanding the different aspects the cell division at the heart of heredity, meiosis. Using genetic approaches, he and his group are deciphering the mechanisms of meiotic recombination, cell cycle regulation and chromosome segregation....