Plant biology

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Olivier Hamant

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Olivier Voinnet

Olivier Voinnet is deciphering the mechanisms and biological roles of RNA silencing, a crucial gene regulation process conserved from plants to animals. It is mediated by small RNA (sRNA) molecules that inhibit gene expression at the transcriptional or post-transcriptional level through sequence-specific interactions. RNA silencing has been implicated in diverse...

Lionel Navarro

Lionel Navarro’s current research interests are to understand the role and regulation of small RNAs in plant and human innate immunity and to unravel the mechanisms by which bacterial effectors interfere with RNA silencing. His research also aims at deciphering the role of RNA silencing in the evolution of the...

Raphaël Mercier

Raphael Mercier aims at understanding the different aspects the cell division at the heart of heredity, meiosis. Using genetic approaches, he and his group are deciphering the mechanisms of meiotic recombination, cell cycle regulation and chromosome segregation....