Gérard Eberl

2008 Laureate

Current position

Unit Director, Professor

Host institution

Pasteur Institute, Paris, France

Mucosal Immunity and Microbiota



Gérard Eberl is investigating immunity mecanisms. Pro-inflammatory cells, stromal cells and microbiota all interact to define health and immunity of the host, and its interaction with the environment. Using mouse models, Gérard Eberl and his team aim at defining the mechanisms by which these equilibria are maintained during health and broken during pathology.

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• 1996 : Ph.D. in Immunology , University of Lausanne, Switzerland, Giampetro Corradin's lab

• 1996-2000 : Postdoctoral fellow, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Switzerland, H. Robson MacDonald's lab

• 2000-2003 : Postdoctoral fellow, Immunology Skirball Institute, New York, USA, Dan Littman's lab

• 2003 - 2004 : Visiting scientist, HIV and Malaria Vaccine Program, Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, Rockefeller University, New York

• 2005 : appointed head of the Lymphoid Tissue Development lab, Pasteur Institute, Paris, France


• EElected EMBO member, 2013

• Jacques Oudin Award, French Society of Immunology, 2013

• Pasteur Vallery-Radot Award, from the French National Library, 2012

• Georges Zermati Award, from the Fondation de France, 2011

• Grant from the Simone e Cino del Duca Foundation, Institut de France, 2010