Romain Levayer

2019 Laureate

    Host Institution

    Group leader

    Current position

    Institut Pasteur, Paris


    Cell death and epithelial homeostasis

    Romain Levayer and his team work to figure out the mechanisms of the elimination of epithelial cells: the most common tissue in our body that forms coherent barriers.

    More specifically, they explore how mechanical forces can influence cell survival and how this can be exploited by tumor cells to distort and eliminate their neighbours.

    They use a combination of real-time microscopy and biophysical tools to study cell death in the Drosophila fly, and use the genetic power of this species to combine different genetic alterations and study the interactions between normal and tumour cells.

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    2011 : PhD, Development Biology Institute of Marseille, France, team of Thomas Lecuit

    2012-2016 : Post-doctoral fellowship, Berne University, Swiss, team of Eduardo Moreno

    2016 : Appointed group leader, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France


    • 2018 : Laureate of the Jeune Chercheur price, Société Française de Biologie Cellulaire

    • 2017 : Laureate of the Starting Grant program, European Research Council (ERC)

    • 2012 : Laureate of the thesis price of the Fondation Réaumur