24 Oct Colonosphere picture

"Human colonosphere or “mini-gut” from in vitro from patient’s Lieberkühn’s crypts."



Copyrights : ©E D’Aldebert / N. Vergnolle / Le Cercle FSER, CC-BY-NC-SA

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Image caption :

“Shadowed projection” (Imaris software) of half a human colonosphere composed of a single layer of epithelial cells delineating a central lumen. Nuclei are represented in green, actin in cyan and the proliferation marker Ki67 in red. Image acquired under a SP8 Leica confocal microscope.

The technical:

The colonosphere culture is novel technique allowing to generate human intestinal epithelium in 3D while maintaining activity regionalization (proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis) of cellular types (immature and differentiated cells).

Nathalie Vergnolle

Immunology, PhysiologyCentre de Physio-pathologie de Toulouse