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Cédric Blanpain

The physiological process that maintains a constant number of cells in renewing organs is called tissue homeostasis. Stem cells located in these organs are responsible for the maintenance of tissue homeostasis during physiological condition and tissue repair following injuries. A better understanding of the mechanisms regulating stem cell function will...

Bernardo Reina San Martin

Bernardo Reina San Martin is interested in the molecular mechanisms driving the diversification of the repertoire of B-cells, the cells of our immune system producing antibodies. He specifically investigates somatic hypermutation (SHM) and class switch recombination (CSR), two processes involved in the immune response to generate an antibody mediated answer,...

Patrick Mehlen

In adults, cell renewal is precisely controlled, notably by a mechanism involving Dependence Receptors in the control of cell death. In certain cancers, cells escape this process, which gives them a supplementary selective advantage to uncontrollably multiply and form tumors. Patrick Mehlen deciphers those mechanisms to offer novel ways to...