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Edith Heard

X-inactivation is a process by which one of the two X chromosomes is transcriptionally silenced during early development in female mammals. It allows for dosage compensation between XX females and XY males. Edith Heard is studying this paradigm for developmental epigenetics to gain insights into the fundamental mechanisms that underlie...

Giacomo Cavalli

Giacomo Cavalli is investigating heredity and gene regulation laws beyond DNA sequence. He and his lab discovered that the 3D structure of chromosomes can be heritable and that it contributes to genome regulation. Furthermore, they provided the first high-resolution description of the principles of genome folding in animals. Finally, the...

Arnaud Echard

Arnaud Echard is interested in the role of membrane trafficking in lipid and cytoskeleton remodeling at each step of animal cell division....

Déborah Bourc’his

Déborah Bourc’his is focused on understanding the role of epigenetics in mammalian reproduction. Her efforts with her team are mostly centered on DNA methylation, and they are addressing the following questions: How are DNA methylation patterns shaped? How do they impact germ cell identity and integrity? How much gametic...

Sophie Jarriault
Sophie Jarriault

How differentiated cells can change their identity is a fascinating question in biology and has implications for the development of regenerative medicine strategies. Numerous examples of cellular plasticity in physiological, experimental and pathological settings exist, but precisely how a differentiated cell can change its identity remains unknown. Sophie Jarriault tackle this...