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Ivan_Rodriguez (1)
Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan Rodriguez is exploring the neuronal circuits which are controlling innate behaviors in mammals....

Thomas Lecuit

Thomas Lecuit and his team study how epithelial tissues maintain a robust organization and extensively remodel as they grow and change their shape during development....

Raphaël Mercier

Raphael Mercier aims at understanding the different aspects the cell division at the heart of heredity, meiosis. Using genetic approaches, he and his group are deciphering the mechanisms of meiotic recombination, cell cycle regulation and chromosome segregation....

menard 2
Robert Ménard

Robert Menard is investigating how the malaria parasite develops in the skin and the liver before reaching the red blood cells (the pre-rythrocytic phase). His goal with his team is to identify parasite products important for the key steps of the infection and to decipher protection mechanisms in that phase,...

Déborah Bourc’his

Déborah Bourc’his is focused on understanding the role of epigenetics in mammalian reproduction. Her efforts with her team are mostly centered on DNA methylation, and they are addressing the following questions: How are DNA methylation patterns shaped? How do they impact germ cell identity and integrity? How much gametic...

Bruno Lemaitre

Bruno Lemaitre and his research group are investigating mechanisms regulating the interactions between animals and microorganisms. They study both microbial infections (the host defense responses to a pathogenic situation), and symbiotic situations (when the interaction is mutually beneficial for the fly and the bacteria). They also explore what makes...

Rafal Ciosk

Rafal Ciosk's research focuses on understanding the mechanisms involved in cell fate commitment and reprogramming, universal biological processes. He is using a combination of molecular, biochemical and genomic approaches in the experimental model C. elegans to decipher the molecular regulation of pluripotency in germ cells, which involves mechanisms of mRNA...

Jean-Laurent Casanova

In paradigm‐ shifting discoveries reported over two decades, Jean‐ Laurent Casanova has uncovered that life-threatening infectious diseases striking otherwise healthy children may be caused by single‐ gene inborn errors of immunity. Pursuing both biological and medical goals, he attempts to establish a genetic theory of childhood infectious diseases....

Sophie Jarriault
Sophie Jarriault

How differentiated cells can change their identity is a fascinating question in biology and has implications for the development of regenerative medicine strategies. Numerous examples of cellular plasticity in physiological, experimental and pathological settings exist, but precisely how a differentiated cell can change its identity remains unknown. Sophie Jarriault tackle this...