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Lesterlin carré
Christian Lesterlin

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Lionel Navarro

Lionel Navarro’s current research interests are to understand the role and regulation of small RNAs in plant and human innate immunity and to unravel the mechanisms by which bacterial effectors interfere with RNA silencing. His research also aims at deciphering the role of RNA silencing in the evolution of the...

François Leulier

François Leulier's research goals are twofold : first, he aims at deciphering the molecular dialogue governing the mutualistic interaction between intestinal bacteria and their host, especially in the context of juvenile growth, and second, he aims at translating this knowledge to mammalian models in order to consider applied solution to...

Gérard Eberl

Gérard Eberl is investigating immunity mecanisms. Pro-inflammatory cells, stromal cells and microbiota all interact to define health and immunity of the host, and its interaction with the environment. Using mouse models, Gérard Eberl and his team aim at defining the mechanisms by which these equilibria are maintained during health and...

menard 2
Robert Ménard

Robert Menard is investigating how the malaria parasite develops in the skin and the liver before reaching the red blood cells (the pre-rythrocytic phase). His goal with his team is to identify parasite products important for the key steps of the infection and to decipher protection mechanisms in that phase,...

Jost Enninga

Jost Enninga establishes novel tools that yield information on the molecular details of bacterial pathogen infection in the context of single living cells with unprecedented spatiotemporal resolution....

Bruno Lemaitre

Bruno Lemaitre and his research group are investigating mechanisms regulating the interactions between animals and microorganisms. They study both microbial infections (the host defense responses to a pathogenic situation), and symbiotic situations (when the interaction is mutually beneficial for the fly and the bacteria). They also explore what makes...