Structural biology

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ELEGHEERT Jonathan - Lauréat 2022 - Portrait
Jonathan Elegheert

2022. Jonathan Elegheert and his team investigate how neuronal cells in the brain make contacts and communicate with each other. They study the molecular structures and interaction determinants of synaptic protein complexes involved in neurodevelopmental disorders and neuronal disease....

WILD Rebekka - Lauréate 2022 - Portrait
Rebekka Wild

2022. Rebekka Wild and her research group are investigating the enzymes involved in glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis on an atomic level. Glycosaminoglycans are long and complex sugar chains found on the cell surface of all animal cells, ranging from sea anemone to humans, and they play an important role in diverse biological...

Frédéric Allain

Alternative splicing is a process allowing cells to make different products from one gene. Since it was discovered over three decades ago now, it has been shown that it has key roles especially in tissue differentiation and pathologies like hereditary diseases and cancer. Frédéric Allain is determining with his team the...