Alain Chédotal

Current position

Group leader, Research Director (DR1), Coordinator of the Development Department

Host institution

Vision Institute, Paris, France Inserm, France

The role of axon guidance molecules


Alain Chédotal is interested in deciphering how, on one hand migrating neurons and on the other hand neuron extensions are guided in the developing brain in order to establish connections between one another (axons). He is also working with his team on new technologies allowing the visualization of developing neurons. Their research should determine whether molecules involved in axonal guidance are also players of diseases of the visual system or demyelinating pathologies like multiple sclerosis or certain cancers.

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• 1988 : Admitted to the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon, France

• 1995 : Ph. D. in Neurosciences, University Paris 6 UPMC, France, Constantino Sotelo’s lab

• 1995-1997 : Post-doctoral fellow (EMBO long term fellow), UC Berkeley, USA, Corey S Goodman’s lab


• Remedios Caro Almela Prize in Developmental Neurobiology, 2017 

• Team Foundation for the Medical Research (FRM), 2012

• European Society of Neurochemistry, Young Investigator, 2001

• Team Foundation for the Medical Research (FRM), 2006