Benjamin Prud'homme

Benjamin Prud'homme

Current position Group leader, Research Director (DR2)

Host institution Institute for Developmental Biology of Marseille, France CNRS, France

Development and evolution of morphology and behavior


Animal’s morphological and behavioral traits are specified by genes during embryological development. Those traits change through species evolution via genetic modifications which are affecting developmental processes. Benjamin Prud’homme’s aim is to identify those genetic changes and to understand how they translate into morphological of behavioral modifications.

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• 2003 : Ph. D., University Paris VII, France, André Adoutte’s and then Michel Verwoort’s lab

• 2003-2007 : Postdoctoral fellow, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA, Sean B Carroll’s lab

• 2007 : Appointed Group leader at the Institute for Developmental Biology of Marseille, France


• Bronze Medal of the CNRS (Best Young Researchers), 2014

• EMBO Young Investigator Program, 2011

• Prix Claude Paoletti, CNRS, 2011