Bill Keyes

Current position

Group Leader, Research Director (DR2, INSERM)

Host Institution

IGBMC, Illkirch

Investigating cellular senescence in development, regeneration and disease


Bill Keyes and his team are investigating a process called cellular senescence. This is an irreversible form of cell cycle arrest that prevents the proliferation of damaged cells, thereby acting to prevent cancer. However, this is a complex and organized, dynamic cellular process that also instructs the removal of the damaged cell, and its replacement. Therefore, in certain contexts including embryonic development, regeneration and the protection from cancer, senescence is a beneficial process. However, when not regulated properly, the abnormal accumulation of senescent cells can cause cancer, aging and disease. The Keyes lab uses primary cells, and the mouse and chicken as model systems to investigate the roles and mechanisms of cellular senescence in development, cancer and regeneration.

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• 2002: PhD, Dept. Physiology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Dr. Esmond Sanders lab.

• 2002-2009: Postdoc, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, USA, Dr. Alea Mills lab.

• 2009: Appointed Group Leader at CRG, Barcelona.

• 2016: Appointed Research Director (DR2), INSERM.


• 2016: "Amorçage jeunes équipes" grant from the Foundation for Medical Research (FRM, France)

• 2013: City of Barcelona Prize for Life Sciences