François Leulier

2013 Laureate

Current position

Unit Director, Group Leader, Research Director (DR1 CNRS)

Host institution

Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle de Lyon, ENS Lyon, CNRS, Université Claude Bernard, France



Integrative Physiology of Host-Microbe Interactions

         We study host-bacterial symbiosis, specifically how commensal bacteria shape the response of juveniles to their nutritional environment and how juveniles in such a nutritional environment influence the ecology and physiology of their bacterial partners. Therefore, our work focuses on microbial ecology and physiology as well as animal development and physiology.

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• 2003 Ph. D. in Genetics, University Paris 7, Bruno Lemaitre's Lab

• 2004-2007 Post-doctoral fellow, Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK, Pascal Meier's lab

• 2009 Habilitation to direct research, Université Paris Sud-Orsay, France

• 2007-2012: CNRS scientist (CR2), Bruno Lemaitre and then Julien Royet's labs

• 2012 Appointed group leader at Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle, Lyon, France

• 2019 Appointed Deputy Director of the Functional Genomics Institute of Lyon, France

• 2021 Appointed Director of the Functional Genomics Institute of Lyon, France


• Elected Member of EMBO, 2020

• Sanofi-Institut Pasteur National Young Investigator Award, 2017

• Young Investigator Award, EMBO Young Investigator Program, 2014

• CNRS Bronze Medal, 2013

• European Research Council grant (ERC Consolidator Grant), 2013

• ATIP-AVENIR Laureate, 2012