Gabrielle Girardeau

Gabrielle Girardot - Photo

Gabrielle, Girardeau

Current position

Group Leader ATIP/Avenir, Research Fellow at Inserm (CRCN)

Host Institution

Institut du Fer-à-Moulin

ex: Schematic of a sleeping rat brain with hippocampus (blue) and amygdala highlighted (green), together with examples of the neural activity recorded in the hippocampus during sleep.

Sleep and emotional memory

With her team, Gabrielle Girardeau investigates the role of sleep for the consolidation of emotional memory, the gradual reinforcement and transformation of memories after the initial event. To do so, the team records the activity of a large number of neurons in the brain of sleeping rats, and try to understand how their individual and coordinated activity is linked to remembering or forgetting emotional (pleasant or aversive) experiences. This research helps us understand how an event can be associated with a given emotion in normal conditions, but also what is going wrong when abnormal emotional memories arise, such as in post-traumatic stress disorder.

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- 2011 PhD, Collège de France, Paris, France. Zugaro Lab.
- 2011-2012 : ATER, Collège de France, Paris, France. Zugaro Lab.
- 2012-2017 : Postdoctoral fellow, NYU Medical Center, New York City, NY, USA, Buzsaki Lab.
- 2018- Appointed group leader, ATIP-Avenir team, CRCN Inserm, Institut du Fer-a-Moulin, Paris, France


- “Emergence(s)” Grant, Ville de Paris, 2020
- NARSAD Young Investigator Grant, BBRF (USA), 2020
- ATIP-Avenir Grant for Junior Team Leaders, Inserm, 2019
- Subvention de Recherche, Fondation Fyssen 2019
- Charles H. Revson Senior Fellowship in Biomedical Science, Revson Foundation, 2015
- Best Thesis award, French Society for Neuroscience, 2012
- Neuroscience Prize of the CNRS/Max-Planck-Gesellschaft Network, 2012
“Major Advances in Biology” Award, AXA-French Academy of Sciences 2010