Jean-René Huynh

Current position

Group leader, Research Director (DR2)

Host institution

Collège de France, CIRB, Paris, France

Germ cell development


          Understanding how germ cells develop is not only of paramount medical interest for reproductive medicine, but is also crucial to comprehend how animal shapes and forms evolve through generations. Jean-René Huynh and his team are focusing on how genetic information (through meiosis) and epigenetic information (through small RNAs) are transmitted to the next generation.

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• 1995 : Admitted to the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France

• 2003 : Ph. D. in Genetics, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, Daniel St Johnston’s lab

• 2004 : Appointed Research scientist (CNRS, permanent position), Institut Jacques Monod, Paris, France, Jean-Antoine Lepesant's lab

• 2008 : Appointed Group leader at the Curie Institute, Paris, France

• 2017 : Senior position at Collège de France


• Main Prize, Ville de Paris 2009-2013

• Bronze Medal (Best Young Researchers), CNRS, 2007