Manolis Papamichos-Chronakis

Laureate 2012

Current position

Group leader, Research Scientist (CR1)

Host Institution

Curie Institute, Paris, France Inserm, France

Chromatin pathways to genome integrity


The overall objective of Manolis Papamichos-Chronakis group is to decipher the interplay between the multiple machineries that keep our genome intact and the chromatin structure of DNA. Using a combination of genetics, cell imaging and high-throughput technologies in budding yeast and human cells they are exploring the role of chromatin remodelling and histone variants in eukaryotic DNA replication, DNA repair and cell division.


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• 2003 : Ph. D., University of Crete / IMBB, Heraklion, Greece, Dimitris Tzamarias' lab,

• 2004-2010 : Post-doctoral fellow, University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA, Craig Peterson's lab

• 2010 : Appointed Group Leader, Curie Institute, Paris, France


• RISE1 (Research Integrating Systems Biology and Epigenetics) member of the EpiGeneSys network of scientists, 2012

• ATIP-Avenir Grant, CNRS-Inserm, 2010