Théry 2

Manuel Théry

Current position

Group leader

Host Institution

Institut Universitaire d’Hematologie, Hopital Saint Louis, CEA, France

Cell cytoskeleton architecture



Manuel Théry and the CytoMorphoLab investigate the geometry and mechanics of cell cytoskeleton. Indeed, cells have a skeleton made of filaments. The spatial organization of these filaments and their dynamics of assembly direct cell shape and cell motion. To understand the rules regulating this intra-cellular architecture, the CytoMorphoLab develops some micro-engineered tools to manipulate cell shape and understand how cell cytoskeleton adapt and respond to these constraints. In particular, they investigate the mechanisms allowing cells to maintain or break their symmetry, notably in the case of stem cells.

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• 2006 PhD, Institut Curie, Paris, France, Michel Bornens lab : Adhesive control of cell polarity

• 2007-2008, Institut de Recherche en Sciences et Technologies pour le Vivant (iRTSV), CEA, France. Biochip Lab directed by Francois Chatelain

• 2008 Appointed CEA researcher at the iRTSV, CEA, France. Biochip Lab directed by Francois Chatelain

• 2010 Co-founded the CytoMorphoLab with Laurent Blanchoin at the iRTSV, CEA, Grenoble, France

• 2014 Set-up a second CytoMorphoLab unit at the Hopital Saint Louis, Paris, France


• ASCB Early Career Award, 2014

• Gaston Rousseau Prize, French Academy of Sciences, 2014

• EMBO Young Investigator Program, 2014

• Grant from the European Research Council (ERC Starting Grant), 2013

• Claude Paoletti Prize, CNRS, 2012

• Young researcher award from the French society of Biophysics, 2008 and Cell Biology, 2010

• Nine Choucroun prize from the IBPC (Institut de Biologie Physico-chimique), 2007