Patrick Collombat

Current position

Group leader, Research Director

Host institution

Institute of Biology Valrose, Nice, France Inserm, France

Diabetes genetics


Patrick Collombat and his research group are studying type I diabetes, an auto-immune disease characterized by the loss of insulin producing cells in the pancreas (the beta cells). Using mice as a model system, they recently demonstrated that ectopic expression of a single gene (Pax4) in neighboring cells of the pancreas (alpha cells) can induce their regeneration and conversion into insulin producing cells. Cells generated this way are functional and can literally cure a chemically induced diabetes.

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• 1999 : M. Sc., University Toulouse III, France

• 2004 : Ph. D., Max Planck Institute Goettingen, Germany, Ahmed Mansouri's lab

• 2004-2009 : Post-doctoral training, Max Planck Institute Goettingen, Germany, Ahmed Mansouri's lab

• 2009 : appointed research associate (Inserm CR1)


• Chevalier Ordre National du Mérite, 2018

• Auguste Loubatières Prize, 2015

• G. B. Morgagni Silver medal Young Investigator Award, Servier, 2014

• Appolinaire Bouchardat Prize, 2013

• Prize of the French Academy of Science (Fondation Générale de la Santé), 2013

• Starting Grant of the European Research Council (ERC), 2011

• JJDRF Career Development Award, 2010