Patrick Mehlen

Current position

Group leader, CNRS Research Director (DREx), co-head of the Institute for Clinical Science, Léon Bérard Center, Director of the DEVweCAN LabEx, Director of the Rabelais Institute for Cancer Interdisciplinary Research, deputy Director at the Cancerology Research Center, Lyon, adjunct Professor at the Buck Institute for Age Research, Novato (USA)

Host institution

Cancerology Research Center, Lyon, France CNRS, France

Apoptosis, cancer and development


In adults, cell renewal is precisely controlled, notably by a mechanism involving Dependence Receptors in the control of cell death. In certain cancers, cells escape this process, which gives them a supplementary selective advantage to uncontrollably multiply and form tumors. Patrick Mehlen deciphers those mechanisms to offer novel ways to fight cancer.

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• 1989-1993 : Undergraduate studies at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Lyon, France)

• 1995 : Ph. D., University Claude Bernard, Lyon, France, André-Patrick Arrigo's lab

• 1997-1998 : Visiting scientist, Burnham Institute for Clinical Research, La Jolla, USA, Dale Bredesen's Lab

• 1998 : Appointed Group leader at the CGMC, Lyon, France


• Duquesne Price, 2016

• Elected Member of the French Academy of Sciences, 2013

• Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC), 2012

• Fondation Bettencourt Schueller Prize for Life Sciences, 2011

• Laureat of the Pius XI Gold Medal from the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, 2010

• SIlver Medal of the CNRS, 2005