Philippe Pierre

2000 Laureate

Current position

Group leader, Research Director (DR1)

Host institution

Centre d'Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy, Inserm, France

Cell biology and stress during the immune response


In the blood, mucous membranes and lymphoid organs, dendritic cells provide a dual role as sentinels, but also as conductors of the immune orchestra. In the sequence of events that they are part of, the team of Philippe Pierre is particularly interested in the key stage of maturation of dendritic cells. This is the moment when the cells detect the microbes, change their biological functions and begin their migration to secondary lymphoid organs.

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• 1994 : Ph. D. in Cell Biology, EMBL, Heidelberg (Germany) and Université de Genève, (Switzerland),

• 1994-96 : Postdoctoral fellow, Yale University School of Medicine, USA, Ira Mellman’s lab

• 1996-99 : Associate research scientist, Yale University School of Medicine, USA, Ira Mellman’s lab

• 2000 : Appointed Group leader at the CIML, Marseille, France


• « J.M. Le Goff » Price for Molecular Immunology, from the French Academy of Sciences, 2015

• Grant from the France-Berkeley Fund, 2005

• EMBO Young Investigator, 2003