Rejane Rua

Current position

Group leader, Inserm Researcher (CRCN)

Host Institution

Centre d’Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy, France

Auto-reactive CD4+ T cells TH17 (white), antigen-presenting cells (red) and innate lymphocytes (green) at the peak of the EAE disease

When brain borders take center stage: role of meningeal immune cells in neuroinfection and neurocognition


Rejane Rua and her team aim to unravel the remarkable complexity and plasticity of the brain immune sentinels’ functions in health and disease. In particular, they study the meninges, a tissue at the brain surface that is a key player in immune surveillance of the brain. They study its role in protecting but also nurturing the brain, and how its dysfunction can lead to neuroinfection and neurocognitive disorders. They use state-of-the art techniques (intravital and confocal microscopy, spectral cytometry, single cell RNAseq, cell communication algorithms) to address these questions.

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• 1st group leader position: 2019, Inserm, Marseille, France

• 1st permanent position: 2019, Inserm, Marseille, France

• Postdoc: 2014-2019, NIH, USA, Dr. McGavern

• PhD : 2013, Pasteur Institute, Marseille, France, Pr. Gessain and Pr. Schwartz


• INCA (~135k€), 2022-2025

• FSER grant (~100k€), 2022-2023

• FRC Neurodon grant (~80k€), 2021-2023

• ATIP Avenir grant (~0k€ not compatible with ERC), 2021-2024

• ERC starting grant (~1900k€), 2021-2026

• Région SUD PACA (~54k€), 2020-2022

• Inserm young researcher dotation (~30k€), 2020-2022

• Marie-Curie reintegration fellowship (~185k€), 2019-2021

• AMIDEX Aix-Marseille University grant/CIML starting package (~140k€), 2019-2021

• Fellows Award for Research Excellence, NIH, 2016-2019

• F32 NINDS intramural competitive fellowship (~180k€), 2016-2019