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Dialogues les Entre entre Chercheurs et Lycéens pour les Initier à la Construction des Savoirs

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Between November 15th and December 17th, researchers are going in French high schools.

Déclics exists since 2015. In 2016, around 10 DECLICS were organized in 5 academies.

In 2017, Déclics broadens. It will reach 50 high schools in 10 academies and involve 3000 teenagers.

More informations about Déclics:

They managed to change my point of view on scientific research. Moreover, it breaks the stereotypes, the prejudices we have when we think about research.

Teenager involved in Déclics

This meeting REALLY promoted my students' curiosity.

Biology teacher

Déclics, half a day in a nearby high school

In 3 phases:

Phase 1

30 min:
scientific conference by a research team leader (the DECLICS Captain)

Phase 2

1h30: 7 personnalized meeting of 12 minutes each between teenagers and researchers (the DECLICS ambassadors: PhD students, researchers, technicians, team leaders…)

Phase 3

A privileged moment between the voluntary teachers of the high school and the researcher, about the big advances in his or her field during the past 15 years.

They are involved in Déclics and support us:

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