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Dialogues Entre Chercheurs et Lycéens pour les Intéresser à la Construction des Savoirs

I do research

and I want to become a Declics Ambassador by participating to the scientific speed-meeting.


Ambassadors, you don’t have anything to prepare, just to be there on D day, ready to exchange! 

We advise you to bring something tangible with you (a sample tube, pictures…) to help launch the discussion. You will be given an advice sheet before the meeting.


You can be an Ambassador even if you don’t speak French! 

High school students are not fluent English speakers, but still, they speak English. We know that a speed-meeting can work perfectly with up to a third of English speaking scientists.

I want to register for Declics 2021 and other outreach events



Declics Ambassadors spend half a day in a high school for a speed meeting that lasts one hour and a half. They successively meet seven groups of five students for 12 minutes during which they discuss their research topic, how they build knowledge, the path they followed to be here today…

You don’t have to prepare a talk, only to exchange directly and spontaneously with the students.



In 2021, most Declics will take place the same period, between the 15th November and the 17th of December. The detailed list is kept up to date on the above registration form.



Just as the dates, the precise places of the meetings will be kept up to date on this website. You can use the map bellow to locate them.

Want to get involved? Register by picking up a high school either:

  1. according to the place that suits you most.
  2. according to your timetable: by filling a form where you can indicate when you are available.


Uncertain? Please find more details here on the role of the Declics Ambassadors. You can also directly write to us contact@declics.info