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Meetings in Science Open to the Public

Scientific meetings are a great opportunity for scientists in a given field to interact and share their latests results.
It can also be a great opportunity to foster interactions with the general public.
Meeting in Science Open to the Public (MSOP) is a label which aims at promoting this idea.

Join the mouvement and request your meeting to be open to the public ! We’ll help you set it up by providing logistic and/or financial support !
Contact us at contact (at) cerclefser.org

Why ?

Scientists need to engage the public about what they are doing to ensure public support for research. Directly engaging people about our research is the best way to do it. Scientific meetings are occasions at which a number of specialists are gathered at the same time, and in the same place and where they are collectively more available than usual. Scientific meetings are thus a great opportunity to organise and promote outreach events.

Harboring the MSOP label for a meeting is a way to :


  • - achieve a connection with the general audience and let them know why the science matters
  • - make the meeting more visible
  • - influence other meetings to join the efforts in engaging with the public

How ?

To be labelled Meeting in Science Open to the Public, at least one interactive event where there is a personal interaction between scientists and members of the public (scientific speed-dating, public oriented poster session,…). Ask us, we have plenty of ideas !

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