The Cercle FSER (Schlumberger Foundation for Education and Research)


Anne Gruner Schlumberger (1905-1993) inspired the creation of The Schlumberger Foundation for Education and Research (FSER). 1964 by Art, music and science guided her life and she greatly supported these with her time and means.


The Schlumberger Foundation for Education and Research (FSER) aims at helping educational, cultural, artistic and scientific institutions.


The Schlumberger Foundation for Education and Research pursues its goal by developing several actions. Notably :

Since 1986,

the FSER supports the Foundation des Treilles. Also founded by Anne Gruner Schlumberger, this foundation leans on the Treilles domain in the south of France. This domain represents a study and research center in the fields of sciences, arts and humanities. The foundation supports and fosters creation in all fields and promotes thinking and interdisciplinary work, notably through the organization of about thirty seminars a year.

Since 2000,

the FSER has been selecting each year three laureates amongst the best young researchers in life sciences who are building their team. The Foundation offers them a prize to support the creation of their lab so that they have the best chance to develop their work.

Since 2014,

The FSER supports the Cercle FSER, composed of the FSER laureates and defends and promotes pure research.